Walker Movements to Exhibit at Convoy In The Park Event

Family Fun is the focal point of the Walker Movements & Fleetex Stand at the 2018 Convoy in the Park Event, Donington Park - 21st & 22nd July.

This is one of the most vibrant events of the season with miles of entertainment around the circuit perimeter and on the huge infield, with over 1,000 trucks expected to be on display and Walker Movements and its sister company Fleetex are all set to be there for the 2nd year running.

This Years Walker Movements & Fleetex Stand shall feature the much loved 'Beat the Bar' - Hanging Competition, along with guest performances from the Walker Movements / Truck & Driver - Health & Fitness Campaign ambassador - Vicky Hadley. Many Walker Movements customers & website visitors along with Truck & Driver Readers shall be familiar with Vicky’s regular video series highlighting simple exercises that truck drivers can do without going to the gym, as well as giving tips on how to eat more healthily.

Vicky will be on the stand and showcasing some fitness skills, techniques and be leading visitors through some great demos.
Stand visitors shall also have the opportunity to ask her any fitness questions they may have and can even purchase direct from Vicky a personalised training and nutrition plan tailored to getting you results.

As you would expect, both companies ERF & T&D Help the Heroes 'Show Trucks' shall be on display for show visitors alongside a wide variety of Premium Used Trucks, Tractor Units & Tippers for Sale from both company stocklists.

A plethora of promotional offers and giveaways shall be available throughout the 2 day event with a whole host of both Walker Movements & Fleetex Team Members on hand to meet, greet and talk all things trucks...

Visit the Walker / Fleetex Show Stand: Directly next to the Stage Viewing Area, amongst all of the action...

Further Show Details.

Donington’s heavyweight event of the year, on July 21-22, features eight races for Britain’s biggest racing series, the British Truck Racing Championship, which pitches five-tonne, 1,000 horsepower beasts up against one another.

A separate Show Truck area will display hundreds more HGVs, with many coming from recognised haulage giants, delivery specialists and independent companies, all competing for prizes during the event.

Away from the gigantic static displays, a Live Action Arena on the Tarmac Lake will provide constant entertainment. Here there will be the opportunity for visitors to get behind the wheel, including an iconic American rig and a training vehicle where people can learn to manoeuvre an HGV alongside a qualified instructor. Spectators can hop aboard the giant monster truck that will destroy all vehicles in its path, and numerous caravans are set to be sent to the campsite in the sky thanks to the daily caravan smash displays.

Stunt shows will ensure tyres also get shredded, courtesy of Team Maximum Lock, who will drift and perform inch-perfect synchronised driving displays throughout, while drift trucks will demonstrate that the larger vehicles can be just as spectacular.

Other opportunities to experience high-octane action at the Live Action Arena include drift taxis courtesy of the Flat Out Factory, where passengers will experience what it is like to go fast and sideways.

A number of bands will take to the main stage on the infield. On the Saturday there is over 10 hours of music to look forward to from a mixture of bands playing a mixture of rock, punk, 80s anthems and blues, ending with the Rolling Clones, a top Rolling Stones tribute act. Sunday will feature more of the same, with the music ending with the Counterfeit Beatles, one of the world’s top Beatles tribute bands.

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