Pimp my Truck – 4 Common Truck Customisations

When you’re no stranger to the ‘trucker life’ of eating, sleeping and working for long periods in your wagon, it doesn’t take a genius amongst the rest of us to see why so many drivers take pride in their home from home. And we’re not talking about wielding a feather duster and the Mr Muscle (not after some of those shifts!); we’re talking about the real deal, ‘you can see my truck ten miles off’ modifications. Some of which are definitely more extravagant than others!

Reflecting on another brilliant year of Truckfest events across the UK, we felt compelled to look over the most common customisations, with some stellar examples thrown in for good measure…

That’s a wrap


Pimp My Truck - Wraps at Truckfest - Walker Movements

One of the most popular, and undoubtedly the most noticeable customisation is a technique known as wrapping. For those not down with the kids, wrapping is the process of covering part of, or the whole of the vehicle in a vinyl ‘wrap’. It’s an excellent option for truckers, as the vinyl can be applied straight over the top of the vehicle’s original paintwork, so if you ever wanted to change it up or restore it to its former paintwork, it’s simple to do so without having to respray.

Since the desired design is machine printed onto the vinyl, the possibilities for the artwork are close to endless. Whether you want to have your company brand emblazoned across your truck, pay tribute to your favourite films and TV series, or feature artwork of your favourite pop star/animal/cheesecake, there’s really no better way to give your truck personality and make a bold statement.

Pimp My Truck - Eddie Stobart truck - Walker Movements

This wrapping technique is becoming increasingly more popular amongst the larger fleet operators, who brand every square inch of their livery, transforming their vehicles into powerful marketing tools. Thanks to wrapping technology, eye-catching and complex designs needn’t be a distant dream. No matter where in the UK you are, certain brands today are immediately recognisable – I mean, who doesn’t play the ‘let’s count how many Eddie Stobart trucks we see on this journey’ game?!

A lick of paint

Despite wrapping having become the go-to for truckers looking for complex designs, speed and convenience, let’s not forget that custom paint jobs can be equally, if not more, stunning. Above is a brilliant example of a paint job spotted in Peterborough; the art that depicts Conor McGregor has detail that’s comparable to the wraps shown above, with arguably a more personal and bespoke feeling.

Then if you want to talk next-level airbrushing, just check out the Hydro Cleansing fleet. We’re in awe of their flagship Terminator tanker pictured above, a perfect marriage between the intricate handiwork of Andy and Tom Scott Airbrushwork and one heck of a machine. As a side note, if you see this bad boy at Truckfest next year, check out the LED eyes – epic.

Look at the shine on that

Pimp My Truck - Chrome Extras - Walker Movements

Left your styling mirror at home? Fear not, with the addition of brilliantly reflective chrome trims, you can admire yourself and your truck like no man’s business. In this day and age, it’s possible to get almost anything chrome plated, so it’s no surprise that many owners compliment their livery with mirror-like components, including bumpers, grills, pipes and most frequently the wheels. It wasn’t too difficult to find a worthy example for this section; hailing from Edinburgh Truckfest is this beast above. We’d advise wearing sunglasses if viewing for more than ten seconds!

Give us a flash

Pimp My Truck - Lights on Trucks - Walker Movements

Last but not least, and certainly becoming much more relevant around this time of year, light bars (and just about any other light in any other place on a truck you can think of). As the days get shorter and the nights darker, this is the perfect time for drivers to show off the incredible light bars that they’ve adorned their trucks with. Sourced from the big brands such as Kelsa, many owners line defining areas of their trucks with lights, making them stand out and leaving in their wake a sea of gawping faces. The Coca Cola truck comes to mind as not just a mega light show on wheels but also one of the best trucking promotional tools we’ve ever seen (actually, it’s not long until we see that on the UK roads again as Christmas approaches – #justsaying).

Let it never be said that a truck is just a truck. When it comes to modifications and with the ongoing advancement in today’s technology and design, the sky really is the limit.

It’s no wonder that truck events around the world are so popular, with custom trucks wowing thousands of visitors from both inside and outside the trucking community every year. You don’t even have to be a truck enthusiast to appreciate the sheer artistry that goes into these machines, and we’re all for anything that raises awareness of such a crucial industry.

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