Continued Season Success for Bowler Racing at Donington ‘Convoy In The Park’

UPDATE – Sponsored Truck Racing Team: Bowler Racing

Thursday 8th – testing
The team headed out to Donington on the Thursday morning to go out for testing. Arriving at the track, the team unloaded the truck and headed straight out to the track. As soon as john took the truck out and tried to open it up, he noticed there was an issue that appeared to be no boost. After testing the team looked into the issue on the truck and found a few small issues which they hoped would resolve the issue.

Saturday 10th – qualifying
With the team hoping they had resolved the issue, they headed out for qualifying. Unfortunately once again the truck appeared to have the same issue. John took the truck around the track enough times to qualify and then pulled in to try tweaking things to see if they could sort it in the pit lane. Unfortunately they were unable to solve the issue and this caused them to qualify at the back of the pack.

Back at the pits the team once again looked around the truck and changed some boost sensors and other related items.

Race 1
Heading out to the track, the team were still unsure if they had corrected the issue. Even on the rolling start lap, john was able to tell that the issue still persisted. Starting the race, John wasn’t able to keep up with the pack due to the persisting fault. Knowing he would be unable to be competitive with the truck in its current condition, he kept on pulling into the pits for the team to attempt to correct the issue. Finishing at the back of the pack, the team were disappointed and went straight back to the pits to continue to try to repair the fault.

Looking into the possibility of an electrical fault, the team began to check wiring and the ecu.

Race 2
With better hopes for the truck, the team headed out for the last race of the day. Starting from the back, once again John found that the truck was still down on power. This concluded a very disappointing first day racing for the team.

Heading back to the pits, the team had all night to be able to diagnose and repair the fault. The team went back and started stripping back components to try to rectify the issue. Whilst stripping parts back they noticed that the fuel pipe reading the lift pump felt a little soft. When pulling the braided sleeving off of the pipe, they discovered that the fuel line had collapsed. This meant that when the truck came high on boost, it wasn’t being fed enough fuel to deal with all of the boost it was creating so the ECU cut the boost pressure.

Sunday 11th – Race 3
With the team confident they had fixed the issue, they headed out to the track to compete in the first race of the day. Heading round on the pace lap, John informed the team over the radio that the truck was back to full power. Starting from 11th position, John had a lot of work to do as the green flag dropped. Pushing his way from 11th to 8th before the first corner, the team knew they were in for a good run. Continuing to battle throughout the first lap, when John passed through the pit straight in 6th position. Battling his way around the circuit, on the end of the 2nd lap, john had worked his way to 5th position. On lap 3, John had to take some evasive action to avoid becoming part of a crash after another driver span out. This didn’t slow john down though, coming back through the pit straight john was now in 5th position. Heading into lap 4, john was fully on form and chasing down the next truck. With some very impressive driving, john came back down the pit straight in 4th position and also set the fastest lap of the race. Taking 3rd place half way around lap 4, john had hard work ahead of him. Coming down the pit straight in 3rd place, entering lap 5 John was defending his position whilst still trying to battle for 2nd place. This went on for the remainder of the race, giving the team the first trophy of the weekend.

Back at the pits, the team were happy with the way the truck was running and only had swap tyres front to back and check the brakes.

Race 4
Starting the race in 6th position, john and the team had their full confidence back in the truck and were well prepared to get another trophy. Storming the start line as the green light dropped, John pushed his way straight into 4th position before the first corner. Gaining 3rd position took John 2 laps as the other driver was defending well, but not enough to stop John from passing him on the last corner before the pit straight. Taking 3rd and putting a big gap between himself and 4th position, John was able to concentrate on trying to take second position. For the remaining laps of the race, John had caught and was pushing the driver of 2nd position but unfortunately didn’t quite have the space to overtake and have the position hence finishing the race in 3rd position so we ended the weekend on a high, John and the team bought home another trophy for the weekend.

Overall the team were understandably disappointed with the performance of the truck for the first days racing, but were delighted with the outcome of the second days racing.

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